50,000 USD are awaiting your next creative project.

50,000 USD are awaiting your next creative project.

50,000 USD are awaiting your next creative project.
Dear graduate, it's time to create.

You now have the opportunity to put your coding skills to practice and turn your ideas into a fully-functioning project that will bring value to you, your community, and to all of mankind.

The 1 Million Arab Coders initiative is calling on you to take part in our digital creation contest which enables you the chance to present your ideas and potentially win one of the contest's 5 prizes. Each prize is worth 50,000 USD.

Because we believe in the crucial role that programming plays in the development of nations and the bettering of people's living standards, we decided that the projects that are to be presented at the contest should focus on the following fields:
- Boosting economic growth by creating job opportunities and furthering progress.
- Providing humanitarian value since we believe that humans and their needs should lie at the center of any creative venture.
- Enabling creativity within the framework of a commercial project.

The economic aspect
Your project should tackle one of these goals:

Creating more job opportunities through freelancing and crowdsourcing platforms.
Helping develop other people's coding skills
Presenting ideas that can accelerate the digitization of our government system
Providing new fintech solutions that can contribute to the field of financial policy

The humanitarian aspect
Your project should tackle one of these goals:
Providing a solution to a challenge that is present in your country
Improving the living standards of your country's average citizen

The innovative aspect and the creation of a commercial project
Your project should fulfill the following criteria:
Being fully digital and built around a website or an online application
Being economically feasible
Being fully implementable

The information required for the contest:
Your 1 Million Arab Coders email
Full name
The project's main field
Brief description of the project
Technical link
File link
Copy of your passport (Arab passports only)

Competition requirements:
Having completed the main modules and received your certificate
Being an Arab citizen
Providing a tangible trace of your project (link to the app or website, videos, preparatory files and the names of your references)
Adhering to the announced due date for project submission: 30th of September, 2019

The opportunity is before you and the future is calling. Make your ambitions come true.

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