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Join a Remarkable Initiative to Prepare the Next Generation of Technology Experts

Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum's initiative to empower Arabs with the language of the future

Online Certifications

Online Certifications

Get free high-quality online courses & certifications

Online Forums

Online Forums

Join a helpful community of students & teachers, exchange knowledge and hone your skills



1,000 Top Students get Scholarships

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Get exclusive access to a Job Platform to advance your Career

Prizes for Tutors

Prizes for Tutors

$200,000 Reward for the Top Four Tutors voted by students

Prizes for Students

Prizes for Students

$1,000,000 for the 1st Winner, and $50,000 each for the follow-up or leading 10 winners

Choose your Future in Software

Pursue your dream career by selecting one of four developer tracks in High Demand

Full-Stack Web Developer

Become a Full-Stack Web Developer

Wonder how social networks, video platforms and e-commerce sites are built? Learn how to develop scalable web applications with this track.

Android App Guru

Become an Android App Guru

Curious about how mobile apps work? Got an app idea you'd like to make? This track empowers you with all the skills you need.

Front-End Web Expert

Become a Front-End Web Expert

Want to build beautiful, responsive web and mobile interfaces that leave audiences in awe? Learn the craft with this in-depth developer track.

Data Analyst Specialist

Become a Data Analyst Specialist

Data science is the hottest field in the tech industry dealing with extracting wondrous insights from tons of data. Learn this unique art with this track.

Program overview

How to register and take
advantage of this free platform

1. Enroll Now

You need to register for the program. Courses will begin from 1st of January, 2018. We will be in touch to help you choose your track.

2. Three Month Online Learning Journey

You can join any of the 8 cohorts throughout the duration of the initiative. A new journey begins after every three months.

3. Become a world-class developer (6 months)

Be one of 1,000 students selected for a globally recognized programming certificate in your chosen developer track

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